When & where

ENERJ started in November 2016 and ended in October 2019. It involved 11 partners from 9 Mediterranean countries, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, and Portugal.
The partners are for the most part Energy or Development Agencies or public authorities and applied their first-hand knowledge of the field of energy efficiency in public buildings and their knowledge of the specific conditions of their territories to the project.

The project focused on the acceleration of energy retrofits of public buildings in the partner regions, as already foreseen in existing SEAPs or other energy plans of participating municipalities and towns. Each partner did an energy audit of ten public buildings and verified the possibilities of joint energy efficiency actions on the basis of the data obtained.

The project reviewed and adapted a wide range of existing innovative financing tools and strategies to the needs of the stakeholders and to the specific conditions of the partners’ territories. The wider geographical scale (district-level, making use of joint SEAPs where they exist) and the active involvement of key stakeholders aimed at cost-effective structural interventions.