Why & How

The public buildings sector represents an enormous potential for energy savings. However, in the last years the retrofitting rate in the building sector has been far too low and public buildings are no exception. Well targeted projects are needed to activate the existing potentials and close the gap. ENERJ is one of them.

ENERJ will support local governments in achieving energy efficiency targets in their own municipal building stock through joint actions in a multi-level governance approach. It will do so by focussing on the juridical, technical and economic conditions for successful joint actions (bundling), by raising consciousness as to their added value and proposing procedures for simplifying decision-making, designing and implementing pilot actions.

The joint actions will be promoted in the various territorial realities by qualified Joint Action Coordinators trained in the context of the project, who will provide advisory services and technical support.
An ENERJ platform will contain the actions of the municipalities involved and more generally will also offer resources for the implementation of local energy plans, in particular Sustainable Energy Plans. It will highlight best practices and serve as a “meeting place” for local stakeholders and interested parties in general.