What we do

Eleven partners in nine Mediterranean countries are active to push increase in their regions and EU-wide energy efficiency in public buildings.

  • Context analyses in the partner regions provide the basis for a common methodology for Joint Action on Energy Efficiency. It will contain the foreseen efficiency measures in existing energy plans (SEAPs), financing schemes and a selection of buildings in each partner region that will undergo energy audits.
  • The energy data of the audits will go onto the web platform together with the Energy Efficiency measures already adopted by the municipalities, a methodology on how to design and implement joint actions and guidance on financing strategies. The collaborative platform is one of the two main strategies of ENERJ.
  • The second one is the Joint Action Coordinator, modeled along the lines of the municipal energy managers. At the centre of his or her activities will be to liaise with authorities at the local and district level and to develop supra-municipal interventions with an adequate project design, mobilization of EU structural and other funds and the involvement of ESCOs and other stakeholders. The project will organize trainings for joint action coordinators.